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    Dani (Dienstag, 30 November 2021 03:46)

    Hello Helly,

    how are you? I'm glad you enjoy the stories. I had hoped that watching the new CSI would inspire me to write new fanfictions, unfortunately, so far this has not happened. I enjoyed writing the stories a lot so it would have been nice to get some new ideas for new stories. Maybe it's time to rewatch all of the CSI seasons again.

    Kind regards,


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    Helly (Dienstag, 30 November 2021 02:30)

    I have just read from Idaho to Las Vegas. I have to say I believe this is your best story! I loved every word, sentence and paragraph! Is there any chance you would write a sequel?
    Thank you so much for your stories they really help me a lot!

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    Helly (Freitag, 23 Februar 2018 01:29)

    I have enjoyed looking around your website. I have read all of your FanFiction.Net stories at least once and love them very much. I am looking forward to reading your books that not on the site. Unfortunately I only speak, read and write English (shameful in this day and age). Please can you advise me if there is a button to press or a simple way to translate your writing from German/Dutch again shamefully I am not sure which! So that I can investigate these as well!

    Many thanks


    . helly1bradleywyat@gmail.com