Welcome to Crime Vegas


Spending the night next to a dead woman had never been Lizzy's plan. Worse, she couldn't remember the woman or how she got where she was found. Suddenly she found herself in hospital and from there she was taken straight to Las Vegas Police Department, interrogated about the murder of the woman, she had been found next to. If only she could remember how all of this could happen.

A killer didn't fall asleep next to the victim, getting her blood all over her body. A killer also didn't let one woman live after he killed the second one in front of her. Or did the killer not care about the passed-out woman on the bed? Or was it the woman, who pretended she couldn't remember anything? Detective Jorja Harper had to find out and her first suspect is Lizzy Taylor, niece of a Las Vegas mobster – and the woman, who they found passed-out next to the dead influencer.

And then a second influencer is killed and again Lizzy is involved in the case.


Jorja doesn't believe in coincidence. 

Dolphin Island


Jossy is used to travel around the world. As a interior designer slash architect for Alec Turner, the famous movie star, she has made a name for herself. After her last relationship ended with a broken heart she comes to Magical Island, a privately owned island in the Polynesian Sea. On the island next to Magical Island, Dolphin Island, a new hotel is planned and Jossy has been involved in planning it and now was there to take care of the interior design.

Nico owns Magical Island as well as Dolphin Island. When Jossy agrees to come to her islands to help with the new hotel, she is happy. They had met before in Los Angeles, where one of Nico's other hotels is.


Due to some trouble with guests Jossy's room is taken by a guest and Nico offers her to stay in her guest room. It works out so well for both of them that Jossy never moves into the hotel room but stays. And despite knowing Nico is not her type, Jossy realizes, she is falling for the other woman. 

Sunset View National Park


After being bullied for four years Ola is put on a sick leave by her doctor. He wants her to go to rehab, but Ola hates the idea of being in a hospital and listen to sad stories for four weeks. Her therapists suggests a three weeks hike so she chooses this and ends up in Sunset Point National Park. With a group of LGTBQ+ people. And she is not even out! But that doesn't mean she can't fall in love during her hike...



“We have instant coffee with us,” Andrea said.

“See, this is why I said real coffee. I want to see the beans before they're turned into divine coffee that plays softly with my taste buds and wake me up in such a gently way.”

“You're such a queen.”


“So? Are you asking for a dance? Straight girl.”

Magical Island:


Somewhere between Tahiti and Hawaii lies Magical Island. A paradise for vacations and a dream to live. Jessie lives this dream and the only thing that is missing in her otherwise perfect life, is somebody to love. 

Lilly works as a tour guide and she frequently stops with her groups om Magical Island. She loves her job and can't imagine to settle down and not traveling anymore. When a couple of her tour group breaks up and she gives them her room Jessie offers Lilly to stay in her apartment. A friendship starts and Jessie develops deeper feelings for the other woman. Will Lilly return her feelings and is one of them willing to give up their beloved life to be with the other one? Or will it all end in broken hearts? 





“And that is what is important, as long as you enjoy what you’re doing it doesn’t matter if you ride five, fifteen or fifty meter on the wave.”


“I want you to have fun too.” The first three words were what her heart said, her head had added the rest.

Longview National Park

Tina's plan to hike in Longview National Park comes to an end after she stabs herself with a spear and needs medical attention. First aid is given by Charly, a woman who unlike Tina doesn't seem to hike for pleasure. At least her swearing and the way she behaves let's Tina believe, Charly is a pain in the ass. A cute one, but that doesn't change a thing. 

After Tina is back in Los Angeles she tells her best friend about Charly and he contacts the other woman, letting Charly believe it's Tina, who wrote the email. The woman exchange a couple of mails, then Charly decides to visit Tina in Los Angeles. Partly because she wants to see Tina again and also because she wants to escape her fiance, who proposed to her on her father's birthday. When Tina comes and visits Charly in Dallas Charly's family makes it obvious they are not happy with their friendship. 

Charly realizes that if she wants to live her own life she has to leave Dallas and start somewhere new. She picks Wyoming and decides to order a small bed & breakfast motel and invites Tina to work with her. 

Tina agrees and both women work on the new project, realizing with every day, it was not mainly work that got them there together...




Baby steps

Sonya moved from the Netherlands to Silver Lake. While she is renovating her new home two people rang her doorbell and offer help and introduce themselves as members of a neighborhood group. Sonya, being very suspicious and against any religious cults sends them away. Cat, the woman shows up a little bit later and ignores Sonya’s attempts to make her leave She just starts helping her. Step by step Cat makes Sonya understand she is not after her money or her soul, she only wants to help her and it’s the same for her family, who are all members of the same group. Sonya slowly starts to trust Cat and when something horrible happens to Cat, Sonya is there to support her. Will their relationship remain friendship or will it develop into something more?



You can't always get what you want

Kim’s life could be perfect, she lives in the city she always wanted to live, doesn’t have to worry about money and her apartment is exactly the apartment she always wanted to live in. After a rough start with a dead body in her attic she finds a few friends and a voluntary job she enjoys a lot. Yet there is one thing, one person, she wants more than everything life offered her so. But you can’t always get what you want… 



Working your way back to life

Losing a limb isn't easy and when you wake up from a coma after various weeks and realize you have lost a leg, you sometimes wish you had never woken up at all. But life goes on and real friends and family don't go away just because you treat them badly. And sometimes you need an accident of somebody to realize you're not the only one, who has to start a new life and that there are still things and people it's worth fighting for